Traffic Updates


Local Roads Will Be Impacted

Saturday, May 18, 2019 between 8:00 a.m. and noon, there will be up to 45 minute rolling closures.

Map Key:
Orange = Traffic closed in one direction.
Red = Traffic closed in both directions.
Yellow = Residential traffic allowed, but no thru traffic.



Northbound McBean Parkway from Valencia Boulevard to Copper Hill Drive
Eastbound Copper Hill Drive from McBean Parkway to Seco Canyon Road
Eastbound and Westbound Copper Hill Drive from Seco Canyon Road to David Way
Bouquet Canyon Road from Plum Canyon Road to Vasquez Canyon Road
Vasquez Canyon Road from Bouquet Canyon Road to Sierra Highway
Sierra Highway from Vasquez Canyon Road to Sand Canyon Road
Sand Canyon Road from Sierra Highway to Soledad Canyon Road
Eastbound Soledad Canyon Road from Sand Canyon Road to Mammoth Lane

Specific streets that intersect the race route will be closed prior to the cyclists’ arrival, and will reopen after all race traffic is clear. Side street traffic will be allowed to cross the intersection during the estimated time closures only when safe to do so.

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During the day of the race, please follow the City of Santa Clarita’s Twitter account for real-time updates.

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